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New Kajang-based House Project

New House Project in Kajang

Are you looking for a brand new home project in Kajang? There are several options to consider. There’s Oasis 2 Residence, Jernih Residence, Semanja Garden Homes, and Semanja Kajang. Let us take a closer review of each. The advantages of each project are reviewed below. Read on to learn more! This is a brief overview of what you can expect from the company!

Oasis 2 Residence

This brand-new Kajang housing development forms part of the highly acclaimed Oasis development by TLS Group, a group which has been instrumental in creating a number of prestigious projects in Malaysia. The focus of the company is to deliver benefits to the stakeholders it serves and ensuring that the project sets the bar to be used for any future developments within the city. The company is currently one of the biggest property developer in Malaysia with more than 4,27 properties under its belt.

Oasis 2 Residence, Kajang is an apartment complex with 30 floors that blends modern luxury with a serene ambience. Units are spacious and feature balconies or open-air spaces. The development also includes an multi-purpose hall as well as swimming pool. The Kajang property, along with all of the amenities, is conveniently situated close to numerous services as well as close to MRT Sungai Buloh Station.

Jernih Residence

This freehold project will feature numerous serviced apartment units as well as retail space. These units are expected to range between 550 and 850 sq. ft. and are expected to cost anywhere from 270,000 RM. The other amenities are a fitness center and the lawn for a party. Maintenance fees will be indicative, and are only about 25 sen per square foot.

The new house project located in Kajang will be built through Sunway Property, a real property developer with more than RM11 billion in assets. It’s planned to be Sunway Property’s biggest development to come in the near future, having the potential to generate more than RM2.2 billion in sales that are not billed. The project will have a distinguished address and various affordable housing options.

Semanja Garden Homes

A new development of houses in Kajang by Semanja Garden Homes in Kajang offers low density, close-knit housing. Security fees is been awaited announcement. The development will have 148 houses located across 19 acres. All units have bathrooms that are ensuite, and greatest sunlight. Additionally, you will also find commercial spaces.

The community comprises a selection of contemporary homes, such as superlink houses, terraced homes, and semi-detached units. They are designed with style and have elegant facades as well as interiors. You can choose from two to five bedrooms, that are available in four distinct kinds. Type A superlink units are characterized by their spacious constructed-up area of 2,615 square feet, while Type B semi-detached homes have a size of 35 feet x 80ft.

Semanja Kajang

The upcoming mixed-use development of Semanja Kajang will feature two-storey link as well as semi-detached homes, with the country club as well as a pleasant park. The first phase, Garden Homes, will be built. The development will be situated in a gated community and contain the total of 1,386 units. The units vary from studios to duplexes with four floors.

One of the newest houses being built in Semanja Kajang is the Semanja Park Terraces, launched in March of 2016. The development will comprise two types of terraced houses, each with a different arrangement and floor plans. They will be situated on a 16.3-acre plot, with the gross development value of RM166 million. Apart from the houses that are terraced, Semanja Kajang also includes some commercial space.

Oasis 2 Apartment in Mutiar Heights

Kajang’s Oasis 2 Residence is a new residential project. It comprises 461 units, and stands 30 stories tall. They have three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as large areas for built-up. Complete a form in order to invest in the unit. The developer will follow up with you. Oasis 2 can be found in close proximity to a shopping mall as well as an Islamic Mosque.

The Oasis 2 located out of KL, offers many facilities for residents. Some of these amenities include an outdoor pool, deck, gazebo, and multi-purpose hall. There are also spaces for relaxation and a place for kids to play in the natural greenery. The brand new Kajang residence project comes with a lot of facilities that have been designed to be well-crafted.

Investing In A New House Project In Kajang

Here are some reasons to consider investing in Kajang’s upcoming house project. Semanja Garden Homes are also available. This project offers the option of a two-semi detached terraced home along with link properties as well as links to homes. There is a choice of a modern and elegant home in this township. Additionally, it provides an ambience of peace.

Semanja Garden Homes

It is the Semanja Garden Homes’ new house project in Malaysia is a mixed-use development featuring low-density living. The project will include 193 link homes on two levels with 41 bedrooms as well as four bathrooms. A clubhouse of 6,000 sq. feet and an area of an acre will also be included in the plan. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be launched in mid-November.

Semanja provides a range of home styles, from high-rise condos to bungalows. The development offers affordable homes as well as commercial space and is home to a tree-lined jogging track. The other amenities include a communal hall, swimming pool, barbeque areas, and 24-hour security. The property also features anti-climb perimeter fencing. Three distinct areas comprise the brand new Semanja Garden Homes house in Kajang: Park Terraces and Bungalows in addition to the Residences.

Semanja Kajang is a mixed-use development that spans over 60 acres. It’s situated just 300m from the Kajang–Semenyih bypass. The expressway Cheras-Kajang connects to the development. Two kinds of terraced homes are on offer at the newly constructed Semanja Garden Homes house in Kajang The other is it is the Park Terrace or the Garden Terrace. The location of the house is perfect and it is only five minutes away from the town centre.

A New Home Investment Project In Kajang

A new house investment offers numerous benefits including high returns from an investment as well as the possibility to personalize your house and the close proximity to major cities. An exciting brand new Kajang home project could be the ideal option for your investment. There are a variety of possibilities for designs and dimensions. A Kajang construction project may be the perfect method to begin the journey of starting a family.

The new developments of housing located in Kajang are ideal for those who are looking to buy a home. The residential zone offers easy access to all the amenities of the city and is conveniently located near Sungai Buloh MRT station. Sungai Buloh MRT station. The young professionals who live there are likely to find it appealing due to its nearness to shopping malls as well as golf courses. Before you decide to invest in a new house project, make sure to consider taking your time and knowing the financial capabilities of your family.

The Reasons To Make An Investment In A House Project In Kajang

Kajang is a fast-growing city with many builders building houses among the most loved. Kajang is emerging as an increasingly sought-after location due to the growing population and low-cost land. Additionally, the area is ideal for business and educational institutions. It is an ideal area to invest in real estate, and also a fantastic location to reside in. There are numerous benefits to buying Kajang real estate. However, you must consider the place of purchase when you are buying.

First, you must determine who the market will be for your property. You must know the capabilities and needs of your target market. Do you plan to sell the unit to an individual working in the field or to a family seeking to relax? These are the criteria that will help you decide what property investment would be right for you. If you’ve identified a certain niche in mind, consider purchasing an investment property close to hospitals. It is possible to draw more renters if your property is close to hospitals.

Purchase A Land-based Property In Kajang

If you’re looking for a home that is landed in Kajang it is possible to find one at an affordable price. Kajang is located close to vibrant communities like Cheras or Semenyih. There are a variety of land-based homes to pick from and you can even rent out commercial spaces to earn some extra income.

A 5-bedroom townhouse located in Kajang is a great choice. The townhouse isn’t just cost-effective, but it has plenty of potentials. The location of Kajang is close to major cities and other amenities. It is ideal for families. Purchasing a landed home in the township of Kajang is a wise investment, especially if you plan to start a family soon. If you are considering buying a Kajang home, be sure you check the local amenities.

The purchase of a land property located in Kajang is a smart choice because you can enjoy its benefits as well as location. You can purchase a house in Kajang at RM600 for a square foot whereas a condo is higher priced. As for the price, a house that is a high-rise located in Kajang is priced at RM800 per sq ft. In this amount, a landed two-sty with a great location could be sold for RM600 per sq ft.